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RickJ2!!: Bye bye.
Krapp: „Have just eaten I regret to say three bananas and only with diffi­culty refrained from a fourth.“
Gulli_S2: Hotmail?
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UrFixa­tion: Omg, stop it with the banana story.
Krapp: „Fatal things for a man with my condi­tion.“
2005Guy!!: Ur…is getting
Gulli_S2: Hotmail
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Krapp: „Extra­or­di­nary silence this evening.“
UrFixa­tion: lol
UrFixa­tion: I am
RickJ2!!: Some old stories krapp.
[muff’ left channel Welcome!] is away from keyboard.
UrFixa­tion: Flash­backs
UrFixa­tion: lol
Gulli_S2: Fuck you!
Krapp: „I strain my ears and do not hear a sound.“
RickJ2!!: lol
[Gulli_S2 left channel Welcome!]
2005Guy!!: I bet…not pretty
UrFixa­tion grins evilly.
RickJ2!!: Watch out gulli
Krapp: „Just been listening to an old year, passages at random.“
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AngusYoung: I just found out i have lung cancer and it sucks!
RickJ2!!: aww
Krapp: „I did not check in the book, but it must be at least ten or twelve years ago.“
UrFixa­tion: Where did that come from?
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2005Guy!!: Woaw.
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Krapp: „Now the day is over.“
2005Guy!!: Zackly.
SlicK­girl: Should i simply mute him?
[Muff joined channel Welcome!]
RickJ2!!: Same stories krapp, right?
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Muff greets all.
Krapp: „Night is drawing nigh-igh.“
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2005Guy!!: I thought i just had dezavu…
RickJ2!!: Get it??
Play­boyl­overs: hi dudes
Play­boyl­overs: lol
Krapp: „Shadows.“
2005Guy!!: Don’t know how to spell
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RickJ2!!: Hey baaby
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Bryan1997_4_you: Hi all
Muff: Chess game anybody?
Lilli: Wait an minute
Bryan1997_4_you: Anyone wanna chat
RickJ2!!: Krapp do you know english?
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19-m-Fran­cais: Kein Deutsch hier?
UrFixa­tion: Nein
Muff: RickJ2 do you fancy me.
Krapp: „Past midnight. Never knew such silence. The earth might be unin­ha­bited.“
Thebi­gone greets all.
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Bryan1997_4_you: hi courtney
RickJ2!!: what u mean muff
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Muff: RickJ2 why do u ignore me?
Porto-boy greets all.
Lilli greets all.
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